People are buzzing about Keepers of the Tradition! Here are some comments we’ve gotten:


Kay from Yakima, Washington

Absolutely beautiful book and a must to anyone raised in Southwest Virginia!


Jeanie from Blacksburg

Beautiful book – presentation at WHV (Warm Hearth Village’s Festival of Writers)  EXCELLENT — will go to Black House to get several for family.  Thank you both for a wonderful contribution  that will be a resource for the history of this area.


Don from Blacksburg

Leslie, Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your recent book. Your portraits were awesome and the accompanying stories were very interesting. I think it is great that these unique individuals are now known by us and can be remembered for the ages. Thanks for your great effort on this project.


Marshall from Blacksburg

The entire project was indeed impressive and portrays so well the heart of Appalachia. The portraits not only mean a lot to the individuals involved, but also will help citizens of this area know more of the rich history of the region.


Donna from Blacksburg

Congratulations on a huge success! The fact that it was so crowded only confirmed the community’s interest in the book and your art (which was amazing!)  It was truly a beautiful reception.


Gary from Roanoke

What a tremendous undertaking “Keepers of the Tradition” was! The colors, the skin tone, the lighting, the detail… what you do is beyond words!


Cindy from Northern Virginia

Congratulations on your lovely book including your beautiful portraits!


Ava from Blacksburg

I wanted to express my appreciation to both of you for inviting me to your unveiling and opening for “Keepers of the Tradition”.  It was so inspirational, and Leslie you have outdone yourself! You guys have accomplished an amazing feat with your book.


James from Northern Virginia

I want to tell you how impressed I was with your 12 portrait paintings at the “Keepers of the Tradition” unveiling in Blacksburg this past Sunday.  They were beautiful and meaningful, as well as being wonderful likenesses.


Erin from Blacksburg

The portraits are absolutely stunning…  “WOW” was all I could think as I made my way around the room.  The compositions add a beauty to the book that is so deep.


Martha from New Castle

Your work is really wonderful. I am very impressed with the depth of color and your excellent representation of some very interesting people. What a labor of love!


Carole from Blacksburg

I saw your glorious portrait paintings at Alexander Black House today and only wish I could have seen all those people as you unveiled their portrait images at the opening.


Betty from Pearisburg

I came home and sat down with the book almost immediately.  The stories are great.  I see many people I know here in Giles County in these people.


Kathy from Tidewater Virginia

I received my book yesterday, I have leafed through it, the portraits are amazing!  I can see why the subjects were overcome with emotion when they saw themselves!  I can’t wait to read the book.


From Julie in Blacksburg

If there were ever two people who deserved a whole heap of praise, you and Leslie are at the top of my list.  What tremendous recognition of a job brilliantly done this morning in EXTRA.  Even though I only got a peek at THE BOOK and portraits last Sunday, that peek was enough to pronounce the publication and images truly heartfelt and meaningful.  I am very proud to be acquainted with two such outstanding contributors to the literary world.  Again, Bravo!


Edwin, one of our “Keepers”

Dear Les and Michael,  I hope this morning finds you both basking in the glow of yesterday’s incredibly successful book release! As a Keeper and a friend, I can honestly say that I’ve never been part of an event that was more exciting and celebratory nor a project that made me more proud. You two knocked it out of the park! The portraits are unbelievable, capturing the personality and spirit of each subject, and the book is amazing. You have made such an important contribution to the study of Appalachian culture, to the lives of each of the Keepers and to all of those fortunate to be able to share this wonderful book. You two are the true Keepers. You are a gift.



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